Landscape Services

Imagine the pleasure of sitting on the terrace and looking over a lush landscape alive with annuals, perennials, wildflowers, healthy trees and shrubs and an expansive lawn.  Let Rising Sun create your outdoor idyllic setting.

We can do the project from beginning to end:  design, installation or integrate favorite plantings into an existing site. We can add the finishing touches with bountiful planters and keep everything looking its best with our comprehensive services for watering, fertilizing and deadheading.

rising sun offers custom contracts to match your needs. we don’t believe in the one package fits all model. we welcome your business!

Planting Beds

Do you have high hopes at the beginning of the season for your non-stop begonias, impatiens and the petunias in the hanging baskets? Or do you hope the flowering bulbs will be the stars of the garden? Let us design and install new gardens, add to existing plots or renovate older plantings. Our staff includes a certified master gardener and experienced horticulturalists. We will present plans to meet your color choices, bloom periods and style from country to formal. Installation will include correct soil preparation, planting and care for tender plants.


Let our crew keep your annual and perennial beds and hanging baskets looking their best with regular weeding, maintenance and care during the heat of July or prolonged dry periods. Rising Sun is the flower garden sheriff. You won’t see leggy annuals, tired perennials or a unsightly bed. We pride ourselves on attention to detail.